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Teacher or magician.....? Need a box of tricks.....?

For a teacher to continue to be effective and motivational, the need to pull new ideas "out of the hat" is a perpetual task. Suitably placed and appropriately timed games and other activities can evoke both stimulation and excitement in your classroom. So here are a few ideas for you to bring your lessons to life and to be able to oversee the "magic" of balancing fun with learning.

Flashcards are probably the most important resource that any teacher can have especially when teaching younger children. Flashcards can be used for much more than drilling exercises. These games will show you how to use flashcards in a way that is both fun and educational for your students.
Using a points system in the classroom is an ideal way to bring fun and order to the classroom. A point system in the ESL classroom can be used to reward good students and punish bad students.
Teaching a conversation class without a text book can be a complete nightmare. I'm sure you have all had moments in the classroom when the conversation just dies and nobody knows what to say. These easy to use questions will help keep the conversation going.
This article discusses how to set up your classroom for the best results.